Hill walk

  • When : 30/07/2019
  • Event Time : All Day Event
  • Location : Glen Croe, Arrochar
  • Event Price : N/A
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Event Description

Beinn an Lochain (901m, Corbett) – Hill of the Little Loch
Beinn an t-Seilich (719m, Graham Top) – Hill of the Water Monster
Stob an Eas (732m, Graham) – Stub of the Waterfall
A fine rocky traverse over a Corbett above the well known “Rest and be Thankful” pass on the A83
between Arrochar and Inveraray. Option to continue W over the Graham Top and the Graham.
Start from the CPex on the A83 650m NE of the foot of Loch Restil at NN233088. Head NW on the
footpathex across the burn and up to the start of the rocky NE ridge of Beinn an Lochain. Follow the
pathex up to the summit, 901m.* Turn NW and follow the edge of the escarpment down, curvingW to
reach the col at 484mex. ContinueW to gain the crest of the NE ridge of Beinn an t-Seilich and follow
it up to the summit. Turn W again and descend to the next col at 606mex. Climb the NE ridge of
Stob an Eas to reach its summit trig point, 732m. Descend SSW on steep ground and follow a burn
into a gap in the trees and down to a footpath at NN1822106700. Head W on the path, which
becomes a track that leads down through the forest to the B839 in Hell’s Glen.
Transport required at NN168073, 11km/12mins from start
*For a shorter day, from the summit of Beinn an Lochain, head S down on to a spur and continue to a
small summit at 834mex. Turn E and descend steep slopes to the viewpoint CP at the Rest and be
Thankful. Transport required, 5 mins from start
10km, 1039m
*5km, 680m ascent

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Glen Croe

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